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Linked Lists: An Introduction

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

There are many ways provided by the C language to store information. The most basic of them are variables of multiple types i.e. int, float, char etc. But when we require storing the information of a lot of such variables, the language has provided us a facility of arrays. Arrays are the most basic means of storing very large amount of data, and the sildenafil vs viagra language allows us the facility to manipulate the data in those arrays in any way we like. But arrays are static and if we need to allocate data on the run time, we use dynamic arrays to store space and allocate memory on the system as per our use. Dynamic arrays are helpful in many scenarios in this language, but sometimes the management of these dynamic arrays can turn to be an issue. There is one more way that C language allows to store information through, the use of Linked Lists.

Common C++ Mistakes Programmers Make

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

C language provides a very wide resource to interact with numbers and other data types to get our problem solved. During this interaction, one usually tends to run off ground and do silly yet serious mistakes that are most of the times unintentional. The mistakes can range from common declaration errors to some serious programming errors that cannot be recognized at the compile time but send the program crashing at runtime. This post is a series of some programming mistakes that can be identified as simple yet grave.

Inserting a node Linked Lists

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

Hello everyone. In the series of Linked Lists we have been doing in CodingMash, we have known how to create Linked Lists and what glitches to avoid. In this post, we’ll see how to add a new node anywhere in the Linked List during runtime operation of the program.

File Handling in C++: Advanced Input

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

advanced file input c++

In our last post on inputting information from file, we discussed how to open a file and read from it to input useful information. This information saves a lot of load and helps in quick and easy input of a lot of data instantly into the system for processing. In this post, we’ll show you how to take advanced input; input different data types simultaneously from the file that could help even more in the data processing.