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Traversing the Linked List in C++

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

Hello there people. For the time we had been discussing the Linked Lists and as in every new post, we get to learn a bit more. In this post, our focus would be on learning how to traverse the Linked Lists and what are the don’ts when traversing the Linked List.

File Handling in C++: Input Method

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

File Handling in c++

File handling is an important feature in C++. File handling has a basic purpose to input and output information from a source or to a destination. What file handling basically assists in is that it saves efforts to input a large amount of data every time you run a program.   File handling consists of reading and writing with any type of file, but in this post, we will keep ourselves to text files with .txt extension in Windows. 

Common Errors and Mistakes in Object Oriented Programming C++

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Hello everyone. This is our second post to the common C++ errors and mistakes series. Today, we’ll get to explore some more mistakes that many programmers make, rather unintentionally! These common errors would be in the object oriented paradigm as programmers use it more frequently and get used to it with more effort and hard work. 

Deleting a node in Linked List

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Deleting a node in Linked List in C++

Hello people and welcome to yet another post of our series on Linked List. We have learnt how to create and traverse a Linked List. We also came to know how to add a node to a particular location in a Linked List. In this post, we’ll learn how to delete a node in a Linked List.

Switch Statement Fall through in C++

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switch statement

Hello everyone. The topic we are about to discuss in the bugs removing section today is switch statement. Switch statement though easies up the coding efficiency by reducing the number of if-else statements but if some technical aspects of switch statement are not taken into consideration, fatal coding errors can result. Switch statement fall through in C programming can tend to be really tedious to find and hard to debug.