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Example of inheritance in C++ (part 1)

Written by Hamza. Posted in C++

inheritance in C++

After a short break, we now continue our series on C++ object oriented programming. Inheritance in C++ has many real time applications. In this article I will be focusing on just one example where inheritance may be used in a C++ program: the database of a workplace organization. This example of inheritance in C++(part 1) is simple and will make clear to you many of the fine details needed to become a good programmer.

Inheritance in C++: An introduction

Written by Hamza. Posted in C++

inheritance in C++

Since i started the series, I”ve covered a whole variety of topics ranging from the importance of classes, getters and setters and the various syntax and language complexities you guys need to know before delving into OOP seriously. Now we will get to topics which are a bit harder, and that starts off with inheritance in c .

Concept of Friendship in C++

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friendship in C++

Our progress in this series of articles on object oriented programming in C++ has been deliberately slow so that readers would have time to grasp the basics of classes and their objects before moving on to their practical usage. Let us pick up the pace a little bit. We will now move to the concept of friendship in c++. From here we can go on to more advanced concepts like inheritance and polymorphism.

Operator overloading in classes in C++

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operator overloading

After a lengthy break, i’m back with my series on object oriented programming in C++ made easy for beginners. As you may recall, I had started this series as a sort of  a basic guide for programmers who were just delving into the basics of OOP in C++. I hope by now all of you understand the basic concepts behind classes and how they are used. All of that prior knowledge will be required, as today I am going to be talking about the concept of operator overloading in classes in C++.

Writing a Good Constructor

Written by Raza. Posted in C++

Constructor on work

Working with pointers in C requires a lot of practice to avoid memory leaks and dangling pointers. We discussed them in length in the previous post, Pointer Hazards in C . In object oriented paradigm, whenever you declare an object of user defined class type, a special function known as constructor is automatically invoked. Similarly when you want to copy an object to another object, copy constructor gets invoked. Writing an efficient and error free constructor is essential to the construction of a good program. In this post I shall explain how to write a good and efficient constructor and a copy constructor, paying special attention to pointer hazards.