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Linked Lists using classes

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

Linked Lists using Classes

Hello everyone and we’re back again with yet another post on Linked Lists series. This time, we introduce to you a much wider concept of linked lists that is more feasible and easy to implement; implementation of Linked Lists using classes.

Enumeration Types and enum in C++

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

enum in c++

Enumeration in C is a convenience feature added to make coding easy. By use of enumeration, or more appropriately enum, a lot of hassle is simplified and code can be made easier to understand. Enum is a user-defined type used to store set of named constants called as enumerators. enum is a reserved keyword in C . 

Typecasting Pointers in C++

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

Typecasting as earlier discussed is a powerful tool and demands extreme care when being handled. Typecasting pointers in C has to be dealt with the same level of care. The language allows typecasting to be handled efficiently even by the pointers, allowing a very versatile usage of pointers and making the code user efficient. Meanwhile, the pointers as discussed earlier can be very tricky to handled at times and a single mistake can send the code crashing or possibly memory leak.

Linked Lists using Structs

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

Hello world. In the last post we discussed at length about how to implement Linked List syntax and how to create one. Now we are to discuss how to begin a list and how to increase its size and how to keep a track of all the information in it.

Typecasting in C++

Written by Ali. Posted in C++

typecasting in c++

One of the most powerful features  C++ language offers is typecasting or type conversion. As we have seen the basics of most of the things, so before we move on, it is imperative that we know what typecasting really is. Type Casting is actually the conversion of one data type into another one. This feature is very powerful, and yet at the same moment, very dangerous, and is systems way of dealing with various data types. 

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