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Students and newbies in C++ keep on looking forward to programming problems and quizzes which enable them to become a good programmer. There are some very good online forums where a wide range of problems with  different levels of difficulty could be found and practiced, I would share some of them here.


Codingbat is a project started by Nick Parlante of Stanford University. It has a good number of practice problems with levels of increasing difficulty. Solution of each problem is also given but in either Python or Java, which can be understood easily even if you are not familiar with them. The strings section is really helpful in improving programming skills.



Cprogramming is primarily composed of topic wise tutorials on C++, as discussed in the previous post. It has two portions viz. Quizzes and Practice Problems.  Quizzes section has MCQ’s on different topics and concepts whereas the other one consists of programming challenges with their solutions.



Project Euler is a series of mainly mathematical programming challenges. It contains about 387 different problems, playing with numbers, series and sequences.




Gotw is the acronym for Guru of the Week. The site was established many years ago by Herb Sutter who is Chair of the ISO Standards Committee. It contains about 100 different problems and snippets of code along with their solutions. The material present is a bit advanced but useful and highly accurate.



The programming challenges section of CS Tutoring Center contains 124 practice problems. They range over different difficulty levels and their solutions could also be submitted online after registering.  



Another similar site is the Holland based Sphere Online Judge. It has more or less 10,000 problems of different difficulty levels. Most of the problems are not very easy to solve and their solutions could be submitted by registered users.





DaniWeb is an online community for programmers to share and discuss their problems and bugs in coding. Its posts also contain many programming problems to solve which are really helpful.



Ubunutu forums is an online community and contains a handful of good programming challenges in its Programming and Development section. It also contains threads on the coding problems and issues.



Top Coder is a community for software development and digital creation, more like a freelancing platform. It is intended for those programmers who are sufficiently accomplished to take part in a programming competition. The competitions are held in different categories at various difficulty levels and the winners are able to get the cash prizes. Its registration is free!



Again I would say that these were one of the few places where you could find really stuff to improve your programming skills. Feel free to post some other places which you found useful too!

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