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For Novice and Beginners, C seems a very difficult and challenging language to learn. I won’t say that this is incorrect in entirety though constant practice and hard work makes it easier to code in C .

Here I shall briefly describe some of the Online Resources which I have used personally and found extremely useful. These include resources for learning, debugging to problem solving.

1. www.cplusplus.com

Cplusplus.com is the most authentic leading online resource comprising of complete documentation on C and its standard libraries. It has many sections including the tutorials, library references and forum.You can searchfor any keyword or function in these sections. Cpusplus.com community is quite vast with thousands of questions and queries answered by the experts and hundreds of snippets of code uploaded.







2. www.msdn.microsoft.com

Msdn stands for Microsoft Developers Network. It is the library of official documentation for those people who develop programs on Microsoft Windows. It is one of the most accurate sources of information on C Language as supported by the Microsoft Visual Studio. A brief Description about each construct and the concept of C is written along with a sample piece of code in the Library section of the site. If you are working in Visual Studio, it could also be accessed by hovering the cursor over a specific keyword and pressing F1 button which opens up the page about that specific keyword.






3.  www.ibm.com

It is yet another quite good source of learning the basic structure of the language and its use. It includes the programming guide as well as the compiler references.The exact link of the site is



4. www.cppreference.com

Cppreference is a public wiki for checking the functionality online casino and usability of a language construct or library functions. Its documentation is available in 12 different languages. Care has to be taken though as the content there could be uploaded and edited by anyone.


5. www.thenewboston.org

ThenewBoston.org is one of the best available websites on the Internet for learning new things related to Programming. It has a vast array of languages to teach you in a very unique and interesting way. The tutor Bucky Roberts who teaches more or less 18 different languages is a young guy who has started this project as a non-profit enterprise. Bucky teaches in a very light mood, cracking jokes occasionally. About 100 video tutorials are present on C and C .






6. www.learncpp.com

Learncpp.com contains textual tutorials spanning over many chapters. They are easy to learn and understand by a beginner very well. After every lesson, there is a provision for comments from users which get answered by the instructor very soon. The site is not complete as yet and new stuff is still being uploaded.


7. www.cpptutor.com

Cpptutor is a good site from learning point of view. It contains all the basic information you need to learn C but the structure of the site is very plain and text-based. The coded portion is also written like simple text format which makes it somewhat difficult to be understood.


8. www.cprogramming.com

Cprogramming is a vast website which enfolds the tutorials of C and Java.  Apart from their tutorials, they have some advanced stuff with them relating to the Data Structures, AI and Graphics Libraries. Source codes of a few games and applications also is available on their site , apart from their programming challenges and quizzes.


9. www.stackoverflow.com

Stackoverflow is not a tutorial website. It consists of threads and forums for the registered users to post their codes and related queries. It has numerous tags, each for a programming language and C is among one of them. Each tag is a vast territory in itself consisting of thousands of posts and comments on that particular language. Experts at stackoverflow answer the queries in a very good and satisfactory manner.


10. www.daniweb.com

DaniWeb is a very useful site similar to stackoverflow.com but its network and scope is extremely wide, ranging from Hardware Devices and Software Development to Internet Marketing. C forums are in thousands and accurate information could be obtained regarding common difficulties and errors in basic and advanced programming.







These were a few websites on C Programming Language though the best ones. There are a lot of other online resources which are good and informative. Feel free to post here or comment on these ones.

Good Luck!

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