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Writing a Good Constructor

Written by Raza. Posted in C++

Constructor on work

Working with pointers in C requires a lot of practice to avoid memory leaks and dangling pointers. We discussed them in length in the previous post, Pointer Hazards in C . In object oriented paradigm, whenever you declare an object of user defined class type, a special function known as constructor is automatically invoked. Similarly when you want to copy an object to another object, copy constructor gets invoked. Writing an efficient and error free constructor is essential to the construction of a good program. In this post I shall explain how to write a good and efficient constructor and a copy constructor, paying special attention to pointer hazards.

Using Appropriate Constructor and Avoiding Programming Errors

Written by Raza. Posted in C++

programming errors causing head ache

In Object Oriented Programming, some Programming Errors happen very often. They include the inappropriate call to the constructor, illegal initialization state of objects and unintentional assignments and errors, to name a few. Eliminating these programming errors is very important to proceed in the right direction in the program. I shall explain them step by step to you in this post. Kindly Have a look at the following code.  

Use of Explicit Constructor in Our Class

Written by Raza. Posted in C++

explicit constructor c++

C++ is a very powerful and fast language. One potential danger because of this is the ability of language to call methods and convert data into other types automatically without asking the programmer. So the programmer has an added responsibility of keeping an eye on the compiler and watch out for all such errors. One such common problem is the implicit conversion through a constructor. To avoid that, we use an explicit constructor in C++. Let us see a sample code for that and then I shall explain to you what actually happens.